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 Japanese N-gauge modeling line 
 My Desk Top

created on October 13, 2001

reviewed on 15May2004


           The major favorite thing is to photographing of train and railroad presenting the works at my main page 'OPAL' but from spring of 2001 I am spreading my hobby for constructing model railroads on my desktop objecting to:
enjoy my favorite train,
enjoy difficult image by real train and
enjoy my favorite scenery.


The view of My Desktop Line


A panoramic view in my bed sitting room

A panoramic view of whole three lines composed of 8

shaped inner, middle circle and outer circle with only two controller (^_^);

The right wing as main scenery having rock mountain, lake, beach and urban station. You can view 883 KAMOME, KIRARA, SL C57 and The Imperial Train as #1 series

The third corner

A bird view

A meeting of The Imperial Train with 883 KAMOME at the opposite stretch.

A meeting of The Emperor Train with 883 KAMOME at the opposite stretch.

The girder bridge and KIRARA

KIRARA at urban station




Direction for Photo pages of special train

The Imperial Train


New release of KATO

Bullet, class 500          


The most rapid bullet in Japan having knife-edgeed head by KATO#10-382

KAMOME, class 885


The newest model released from KATO .is KAMOME885 numbered as #10-410



`KIRARA` (the twinkle) 901+902 debuted on autumn of Oct97 as real train and its model train has just arrived from KATO #10-411 on this summer of July 2001